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The Safety Tune

Everything you need to make sure your bike is safe before you ride! 

Recommended on: Cruisers, BMX, New-ish bikes, or once a month!
Check the brakes, Bolts, wheels and light shifting adjustment, With a Test Drive to get you on your way!


The Wash N' Tune Tune

Your regular everyday tune up!

Cleaning, Shifting Adjustment, Brake Adjustment, Clean and Lube the Chain, Tighten all Bolts, Light Wheel Truing (on bike), and as always a Test Drive!

Recommended on: Bikes of all kinds.  If you get your bike tuned often enough this is the one you are looking for!


The Annual

The once a year do-it-all Tune Up.

Everything that is included in the Basic Tune, Plus:

Deep clean, Heavy Chain Clean. BB Grease and Tension, Headset Grease and Tension, Hub Grease and Tension, Wheel True (off bike), and as always a Test Drive

Recommended on: That dusty bike hanging from the rafters, The bike that you child loves to use and abuse, Or the bike that you truly love and adore!

How Sessions Ride Co. Is Operating Under COVID-19 Impacts


At this time we are operating on an appointment basis. We ask that you call the store and make an appointment to have your bike serviced. 

All bikes must be dropped off the day before your appointment. We do ask that all bikes are picked up within 24 hours of completion so we may make room for the next customer's bike. 

Please select an appointment date based on your ability to pick the bicycle up.

Call Sessions: +1 705 523 7400